Managing baby hair

My baby was born with full head hair and I was so happy to see her hair, all the family members wanted to do mundan (shave) in first month but I wanted to adore her hair more and we need to see her awesome curls tooπŸ˜„

Initially it was easy to manage as hair was short and easy to comb no pony, but slowly hair became longer and curlier and tough time started as now she knows to say no, cry when she see comb in my hands, say no and do whatever makes it like a battle for mommy😐

So here are my routine and tips hopefully will help you😊

1. From day one washing her hair daily as she sweats a lot and not washing irritate both mom and baby.

2 Initial few months I use to do oiling everyday with body massage and she loves head massage too.

3. As hair grow longer with curls, need to change my routine, washing everyday but at time I skip a day or 2 when she is not feeling well or mommy is lazyπŸ˜‰

4. Now we do hair oiling once or twice a week.

5. We don’t use shampoo daily, shampoo only when we put oil.

6 . No shampoo then?? I Co-wash my baby curls as shampoo make them more frizzy and hard to handle.

7. Co-wash (washing with conditioner) not normal conditioners we need to buy conditioner suitable for baby which is natural and chemical free.

8. Avoid combing hair as much as possible, try finger combing (comb with fingers run slowly your fingers in baby hair and open all knots).

9. Every morning routine is spray little water on hair and apply little aloe Vera gel or if you can get baby leave in conditioner then mix with water and spray little on hair and half of your job is done, then finger comb and you are sorted, if you want you can use wide tooth wooden comb for easy hairstyling.

This works on no hair wash day too or when you want to go for outing and quick ready to go.

10. Use to try home made conditioner and leave in too at times.

Sabudana (sago) gel wash and flex seed gel leave in.

If you want more details drop a message will share how to make at home.


35 thoughts on “Managing baby hair”

  1. I struggled alot with my sons hairs…. His hairs wer curly long and dense…sweat irritated him alot…I had to wash hair daily… But ya I used shampoo once in a week…I used pure coconut oil which was hand made by mother……n aftr 16 months we kept his mundan ceremony…. 😊😊😊😁😁


  2. Such a wonderfully cute post. Great idea to use cowashing for hair. Which conditioner do you recommend? I have shared this with my curly haired baby mommy friends too.


  3. Brilliant tips, my son had very less hair and hence I had to go for mundan 3 times to help him get his hair. Beautiful curly hair your daughter has and good tips for parents whose babies have good hair.


  4. Your daugher’s hair are one that need all the love and attention. My son’s hair though still thin. I shampoo his hairs once but oil almost daily. Hope they become dense day by day.


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