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Ragi,carrot, Beetroot paradha

Yes you are a mommy now!!

Your mind keep on exploring new idea to give yummy tasty food to baby, but your baby don’t want to eat veggies, ragi…not a problem 😉

Mommy knows how to hide all nutrition in their meal😁

Sharing one of my tips for healthy daily meals for your toddlers😊


2 tablespoon whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon Ragi flour (home made ragi flour if you want the process leave a comment)

1 1/2 tablespoon carrot and beetroot puree

4 tsp ghee ( clarified butter) you can use more if you want.

Pinch of salt (can skip this if you are following no salt no sugar rule)


✔ Flash cook carrot and beetroot (Add peices of carrot and beetroot with some water and little ghee, Cook for 5 wishtles on high)

✔ Take out flash cooked carrot and beetroot, let them cool and blend to puree.

✔ In a bowl add wholewheat flour, ragi flour, 1tsp ghee,salt and 1 tbsp carrot and beetroot puree.

✔ Combine all and make a dough, if you feel mix is dry add more puree.

✔ If you have time wait for 10 min, dough resting time.

✔ Now out the dough into a round shape and apply some ghee.

✔ Fold again and roll again in round shape.

✔ Now heat Tawa, put your paradha on it and when some bubbles appear on top side, flip it on another side.

✔ Apply ghee and cook from both sides pressing with spatula .

✔ Paradha is ready to eat, you can apply some butter on top or give it with some veggies.


✔ You can add or reduce veggies according to your preference.

✔ Homemade ragi flour is better then market one(if you want the process leave a comment).


21 thoughts on “Ragi,carrot, Beetroot paradha”

  1. Such simple and healthy recipe. Thanks for it sharing.. I have started making beetroot cutlets for kiddos and adding beet root to paranthas sounds doable to! Will surely try!

    Liked by 1 person

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