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Superbottoms baby cloth diapers

We started our cloth diapering journey with @superbottoms when Adya was six months old. From day one she was on diapers, yes normal disposable diapers. Well as new mom I was not aware of cloth diapers and changing nappy every now and then was not easy as from first month handling alone was a tough task for me and I prefer diapers over nappy.

When she was around four months, came to know about cloth diapers, but was not sure as so many brands, price difference and my main concern was absorbency and fit, after lot of search selected Super bottoms for my baby and started with cover diapers (old Fit).

First question that comes in mind is what is cloth diaper?

Cloth diaper is a diapering system that uses fabric ( organic cotton, bamboo cotton and micro fiber ) can be washed and reused. Unlike disposables, cloth diaper don’t have harmful chemicals and are gentler on environment, economical as we don’ throw after every use and reuse it after washing and comes in variety of color and prints.

Is it made of cloth , then what about wetness?

Cloth diapers come with a waterproof polyester outer layer and proper elastic that gives proper fit and prevents leaks and explosions.

What is cover Diaper? How many types of diapers?

  • There are a few different types of diapers depending upon the pattern / functionality of the diaper.
    • Pocket Diapers have a pocket of the dry-feel fabric in which one places the soaker (absorbent pad). This diaper needs to be washed completely once soaked. One soaker lasts 3-4 hours and hence it is a good day time diapering option.
    • Cover Diapers do not have this pocket; instead the dry-feel layer is attached ON the soaker. This soaker is placed inside the cover. This is a pad-and-pant system. In this, you can change soaker and reuse the outer. This makes it an economical diapering choice. One pad lasts 3-4 hours. This is good for day-time diapering. This is more economical compared to pocket diapers.
    • All in One Diaper (Superbottoms Plus) – These are diapers wherein one soaker is stitched inside the outer itself making it easy to wear. This diaper comes with 2 super thirsty organic bamboo cotton soakers. One soaker is attached while the other is detachable. Both the soakers together can last 7-8+ hours. This is therefore excellent for heavy wetting babies or for night-time cloth diapering.

We started with cover diaper and all in one diaper, for me both worked well as we started semi solids with her from six months and she used to poop after every meal so changing only insert with same cover worked for me during day time as we have 10 inserts and in night we go with all in one diapers.

WHAT I like about superbottoms?

✔ Absorbency is really good single soaker stays 3-4 hours and AIO (all in one) stays full night or 7-8 hours.

✔ Fit is so neat and trim , as we have used both regular and trim fit so can make out the difference in both.

✔ Snap buttons quality is good .

✔ Comes with really good prints, you can,t miss any of them.

✔ I bought Velcro strap too, but prefer snaps for good fit.

✔ A visible difference in trimness from regular diapers.

✔ Quality of diaper is really good, colour and prints doesn’t fade away with multiple washing.

✔ Elastic on sides and back are proper so no chance of spill and leak.

Come in various features such as double leak-guards, square tabs, tummy strips for tummy sleeping babies, pocket flaps etc.

✔ India’s first and only safe certified brand- Superbottoms products are tested and certified in accordance with one of the best-known testing standards in baby product safety.

Points to remember

✔ Washing with proper care is importan for good long life of diapers.

✔ Use regular detergents as Surf/tide/rustic art.

✔ Make sure detergents is washed out properly, if you are washing by hand as detergent build up affects absorbancy.

✔ Big No to liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners/ fragrances.

✔ Sundrying works best for poop stains, but too much of it is bad so sun dry for 2 hours and then in shade.

✔ Can bleach in one month.

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23 thoughts on “Superbottoms baby cloth diapers”

  1. I am interested in this cloth diaper design .. very beautiful pattern .. yes right .. use cloth diaper is suitable for saving money but cleanliness need to be emphasized when washing and drying the cloth diaper ..


  2. Cloth diaper to me is something like God-sent. The comfort that the cloth diaper gives is equivalent to nothing for a baby’s skin. Great review.


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