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Cloth diapers are the best gift given to my baby from me, through the Cloth diapering journey I met this sweet lady Mamta Sainath, she is a momprenuer and is sharing her knowledge for cloth diapers.

Let’s have some words from Liltush Mom as how she started and what she is doing now to help all.

I’m a hard core Bangalorean and a Techie for a living and crazily passionate about cloth diapers. I have a daughter who is 14 months old who was the reason why I choose to lean towards greener and sustainable living practices. It took quite a lot of browsing for me to understand that cloth diapers can indeed be waterproof without having plastic in them. There were umpteen rash episodes that my DD had to go through and it was painful to keep her in sposies just to grab a few hours of sleep. I explored quite a bit and though the initial days were daunting with all the never heard before jargons. Once I got a hang of how things work, it was a joy ride. Ruhi is the first baby to have used modern cloth diapers in my family. Liltush was at the back of my mind but I wasn’t too sure if I had the time and energy for it. With a couple of fellow mommies, we got started and today, here we are, selling what we loved the most that were tested on our babies. What we do differently at Liltush is to provide unbiased suggestions for new mums seeking advice to the extent of suggesting another store or brand that could work best for their needs.

We stock a decent variety of modern cloth diapers and predominant brands being Babyland and Pororo.

Pororo according to us is the best when trimness at the crotch is a factor and babyland is the kind that suits all kind of babies and the closest to a regular advice. Pororo has colorful flaps and soft inner.

We stock their pocket diapers exclusively. Pocket diapers would not have any absorbency on their own. It will depend on the insert they’re paired with. Hemp with bamboo blended insert are most parents’ favorite for the night. Alva bamboo insert we stock are 4 layered with 2 microfiber in the middle and 2 bamboo terry on the outer. They can last about 3-4 hours during the day.

Babyland training pants are sized pants that are made of 100% cotton. They need to be washed a couple of times before they can be used. Pick the right size based on the size chart. This makes all the difference. It is non waterproof and can hold poop well within and pee from dripping.

Let me share what I received

Pororo pocket diaper with Bamboo Terry 4 layered alva baby insert

✔ Pocket diaper in which you can put any insert according to the absorbancy you need.

✔ Colour print are good, bright colors with lovely prints.

✔ Come with double snap for proper fit.

✔ Size adjustment as baby grows you can adjust the fit.

✔ Not so bulky on babies and nice fit. It’s soft and crotch area is trimmed which gives good fit and does not feel bulky.

✔ Insert last for 2-3 hours or more depending upon the pre count. We can use more than one insert for heavy absorbancy.

✔ Price for Pororo pocket – INR 399

✔ Price for insert- INR 225

BabylandTraining pant

✔ It’s best to use when you are starting to potty train your baby.

✔ Not a waterproof option as cloth diapers

✔ Comes with a sewed layer insert that can hold one pee and poop from coming out.

✔ Attractive prints.

✔ Side option available.

✔ Price – INR 240 running introductory offer with INR 199.

Where you can get this products


11 thoughts on “Word from Liltush”

  1. I wish I knew of these when my kids were of the diapering age. I remember making DIY cloth diapers at home since my older one had very sensitive skin and took a lot of time to adjust to the disposable ones.


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