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Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one πŸ€—

One more healthy snack from our Indian kitchen, lotus seeds also know as makhana in Hindi, is really good for our little ones.

As mommy was really worried for protein intake for her , and doctor suggested eggs but we are vegetarian, so my search started again and I remember I used to take lotus seed in my pregnancy time also for protein so why not for baby and what best she loves it and enjoy munching on it , problem solved mommyπŸ˜‰

Firstly let’s know its benefits:

βœ” Very good source of protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
βœ” 100gms yields 350 calories of energy.
βœ” Full of antioxidants.
βœ” High in fiber, helps to avoid constipation.

How to add them in their food?

βœ” In form of snacks-

( Most important step as mostly skip this but I must say it is really important, break the seeds and check inside as mostly small worms are found so it’s better check and use ).

Break seeds and roast with some ghee( clarified butter ) until it becomes crispy now add pinch of salt.
Lotus seed snacks are ready to eat and your little one would love munching on them, I used to take for travel purpose too.

βœ” Porridge or kheer

Blend roasted seeds and add warm milk or you can boil it too.
Add jaggery and dry fruits powder for sweet version. You can add salt and veggies for savoury.

βœ” Coat the roasted seeds with a thin layer of chocolate for sweet snacks.

βœ”You can add lotus seed powder in flour too to make chapati.

βœ” Well all mommies know how to add in some or the other way in their meal.

For all vegetarian, this is really good for adding protein in their diet.πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one πŸ€—”

  1. Lotus seeds are a wonder thing ! I had it while I was in the breastfeeding stage and it really helped increase milk production. Later I started giving it to my kids for snack time.. and it’s an easy option while travelling too!


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