A woman’s body is a blessing and I adore every woman for being so special to give birth to a new life.#Adorewomenhood Sharing some moments of motherhood from the first day of pregnancy.

Pregnancy a period of nine months when you nourish a baby inside you and it’s only a mom who is able to feel what going inside her.

From first trimester when she can’t feel any movements just by test she knows her baby is inside and all she can feel is pregnancy hormones with vomiting, mood swings, nausea, headache and fatigue going through all she is just happy as she knows she is going to be a mom soon and at 6 weeks the first time she heard her heartbeat was the best moment and then 12 weeks and she was able to see her baby’s little hands, legs moving but she yet can’t feel her …watching her baby and her happiness flows in tears.

Slowly moving to second trimester …bit easy is strong enough growing slowing within her..she can now feel little flutters when baby moves like bubbles and as second trimester ends baby is becoming stronger and big and mommy can feel her moving in her tummy, baby and mommy both enjoying this phase.

Third trimester started with more strong kicks awesome feeling..when you can see your baby moving in your tummy🤗slowly she is becoming strong and heavy and a little hard for mommy to walk, sleep..acidity takes over..and it’s time baby wants to come out…with a lot of hard times and happy memories mommy hold her bundle of joy in her hands🤗

Looks like a period of nine months, but for a mom it’s a life long change. She can tell you even moment of her nine months as she had lovely memories attached to every moment.

As the world celebrates the International Women’s day, a bunch of bloggers has come together to rejoice this spirit of womanhood with this blog train hosted by Neha from Sharing our experiences, Deepali from myteenytot and Anubhuti from criesnlaughter for the month of March.

I would like to thank Renuka for introducing me. She says she is absolutely not proud to be born as a woman but before you judge her, go through her amazing blog post , to know what exactly she has to say.

I would further like to introduce Ranjani from http://www.mumblebumblesite.wordpress .com , so hop on the train to read some amazing takes on womanhood.


13 thoughts on “Pregnancy”

  1. Neha….shes one of my bst frnd 👭with whom i can share all my worries happiness naughtiness…
    I always feel our heartfeelings r almost similar..❤
    I can proudly say shes a “super yummy mummy” 👶who takes care of home makes yummmmy super fud 🍲🍛🍜🍞🍕with a 1 yr old toddler…best part s dat her better half is supportive in all the things💑..Jatin u r very lucky to hav her as ur wifey…
    Go ahead nd wishing u a gr8 success..
    Happy Blogging…

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  2. My God ..your post is making me so nostalgic!!! My son is 2 year old n I still can’t get over my pregnancy days… Lovely post!!!


  3. Wow Neha loved it 🙂 and yes most of the moms will completely relate to it.

    Our life revolves in timelines related to our pregnancy or becoming a mom. Before being a mom, when I was nn months pregnant, when my kid was born, when my kid was so many years old – whenever I talk to someone those are the timeline I give rather than the month and year 🙂


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