A woman's body is a blessing and I adore every woman for being so special to give birth to a new life.#Adorewomenhood Sharing some moments of motherhood from the first day of pregnancy. Pregnancy a period of nine months when you nourish a baby inside you and it's only a mom who is able to… Continue reading Pregnancy



Sponsored post A complete guide to all your quarries related car and car seat. For more details click here We love traveling on weekends and with your little one it is super fun. We bought our car last year when my baby was 5 months old and the first thing before going for weekends… Continue reading CAR SEAT SAFETY


Why Cloth Diapers

Diapers are essential part of mom's life, but we really need to think about environment now. Disposable diapers are bad at environment, they contain ingredients that could harm animals, humans and the environment. They contain polyethylene, petroleum, wood pulp, gelling material, perfume and polypropylene, as well as non-renewable, petroleum-based ingredient and most of all that… Continue reading Why Cloth Diapers


Layering of clothes for babies in winter🙂

Hello!! Welcome to the Winter Express – Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more. You would love to have a magical ride with our Winter Express. This blog train is… Continue reading Layering of clothes for babies in winter🙂

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Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones. I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have… Continue reading Traditionally homemade and organic

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Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one đź¤—

One more healthy snack from our Indian kitchen, lotus seeds also know as makhana in Hindi, is really good for our little ones. As mommy was really worried for protein intake for her , and doctor suggested eggs but we are vegetarian, so my search started again and I remember I used to take lotus… Continue reading Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one đź¤—

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Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

As already shared my girl was born with full head hair and maintaining them was a big task and oiling and washing was again more tough, So I was normally doing oiling once or twice in a two week as it was too sticky to leave without washing. Then send me this amazing hair… Continue reading Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

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Baby massage and bonding❤with mamaearth massage oil❤

Usually we start massage for baby from the first month and continue for at least two years or more if baby loves it . I started massage for her from first month and keep learning ways how this massage session would be happy one for both mommy and baby, for initial days we kept one… Continue reading Baby massage and bonding❤with mamaearth massage oil❤

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Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder

My little one was always lean and so mommy in me was worried when everyone says she is begin and we found this heath mix also known as sathumaavu. It is mix of all pulsed, dryfruits and finger millet. So let me share with you it's health benefits and process to make it at… Continue reading Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder

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Superbottoms baby cloth diapers

We started our cloth diapering journey with @superbottoms when Adya was six months old. From day one she was on diapers, yes normal disposable diapers. Well as new mom I was not aware of cloth diapers and changing nappy every now and then was not easy as from first month handling alone was a tough… Continue reading Superbottoms baby cloth diapers