Some more details about Superbottoms Plus AIO

After sharing my experience about cloth diapering with superbottoms, I think need to add more about it as many people want me to share more details. From my cloth diapers stash one of the favorite is AIO as we mostly use this, best night time solution. We have at present All in one diaper only… Continue reading Some more details about Superbottoms Plus AIO

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Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones. I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have… Continue reading Traditionally homemade and organic

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Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

As already shared my girl was born with full head hair and maintaining them was a big task and oiling and washing was again more tough, So I was normally doing oiling once or twice in a two week as it was too sticky to leave without washing. Then send me this amazing hair… Continue reading Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.


Word from Liltush

Cloth diapers are the best gift given to my baby from me, through the Cloth diapering journey I met this sweet lady Mamta Sainath, she is a momprenuer and is sharing her knowledge for cloth diapers. Let's have some words from Liltush Mom as how she started and what she is doing now to help… Continue reading Word from Liltush

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Baby massage and bonding❤with mamaearth massage oil❤

Usually we start massage for baby from the first month and continue for at least two years or more if baby loves it . I started massage for her from first month and keep learning ways how this massage session would be happy one for both mommy and baby, for initial days we kept one… Continue reading Baby massage and bonding❤with mamaearth massage oil❤

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Superbottoms baby cloth diapers

We started our cloth diapering journey with @superbottoms when Adya was six months old. From day one she was on diapers, yes normal disposable diapers. Well as new mom I was not aware of cloth diapers and changing nappy every now and then was not easy as from first month handling alone was a tough… Continue reading Superbottoms baby cloth diapers


mamaearth under eye creme

Dark circles comes like a bad dream in your like and you feel so helpless, how to cure. Same happened with me from pregnancy sleepless night started...and that was affecting my heath too, and after baby Adya born..sleep was just a dream. Full day handling baby and household and no sleep in night results in… Continue reading mamaearth under eye creme

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mamaearth Argan hair mask

Received mamaearth kit and would love to review them. About the product I would like to share ingredients and their details as it is really important to know how a particular product is made and work for us, normally we just give a look on main ingredients and take products so it is important to… Continue reading mamaearth Argan hair mask


Feeding Dress by @threadsshuttles

A new life comes with lot of new changes in a new mom's life, mentally and physically. When you are recovering from your dilevery stitches, pain and feeding new born, you want full comfort and ease, for this choosing a comfortable wear is so important. A new mom need comfortable clothes with ease to feed… Continue reading Feeding Dress by @threadsshuttles