New looks everyday with Black Hairspray.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Tell me one woman who don't want to look good and for this they need to give proper time and care for themselves and most of all you need a good hairstyle that compliments your look and outfit for the day. But after being a mom… Continue reading New looks everyday with Black Hairspray.



In today's world when we open our eyes every day we thank god for choosing us for this life and for a happy day ahead, but as we open our morning newspaper our heart is filled with grief and sadness reading all the news of crimes, rapes and illness. Something similar happen with this Bangalore… Continue reading A STEP TOWARDS NEW INDIA

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mamaearth Argan hair mask

Received mamaearth kit and would love to review them. About the product I would like to share ingredients and their details as it is really important to know how a particular product is made and work for us, normally we just give a look on main ingredients and take products so it is important to… Continue reading mamaearth Argan hair mask