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mamaearth Argan hair mask

Received mamaearth kit and would love to review them. About the product I would like to share ingredients and their details as it is really important to know how a particular product is made and work for us, normally we just give a look on main ingredients and take products so it is important to… Continue reading mamaearth Argan hair mask


Nan khatai

Nan khatai one of our childhood favourite, shortbread like cookies made with ghee (Indian clarified butter) and flavored with cardamom that just melts in mouth and start craving more 😄 I always want to bake them and finally when we got our microwave tried my hands on my favourite item. sharing easy recipe. INGREDIENTS 1… Continue reading Nan khatai


Feeding Dress by @threadsshuttles

A new life comes with lot of new changes in a new mom's life, mentally and physically. When you are recovering from your dilevery stitches, pain and feeding new born, you want full comfort and ease, for this choosing a comfortable wear is so important. A new mom need comfortable clothes with ease to feed… Continue reading Feeding Dress by @threadsshuttles


Ten thing I learned being Mommy!!

Ten things I learned being mommy.. 🐣We always underestimate ourselves, I always use to feel how I will handle her alone..but babies teach us all..slowly you start learning everyday. 🐣Mom's mind works with double speed when we have to think for baby..finding new ways to make her learn new things ....feeding.🤣 🐣Breastfeeding is best medicine ..for… Continue reading Ten thing I learned being Mommy!!